7th Lunar Month Hungry Ghost Festival Promotion


Tong Seng Produce celebrates this Hungry Ghost Festival by offering our Special Lunar 7th Month Packages 2020.
Island wide Free Delivery for order amount $200 & above.
Minimum 2 working days in advance before date of delivery.

Dial TSP hotline: 6756 6128 for sales inquiry.

*For every $250 of purchase, a lucky daw coupon will be issued if the goods were delivered to the venue of 7th month celebrations.

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SōngHè (松鹤) awarded as a Trusted Brand 2020 (since 2010)


SongHe is voted as Trusted Brands 2020 gold award winner in rice category.

This is our proud that we have won the trusted brand award for the ELEVEN consecutive year since 2010.

“SongHe is offering Singapore’s finest quality rice and products with the first and only chilled warehouse facility in Singapore market” by Reader’s Digest

Below is the relevant link to the winner of Trusted Brand 2020 Gold award in rice category

URL: https://www.trustedbrands.asia/singapore/showcase/songhe.asp

FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS, SōngHè (松鹤) rice brand has been well received by food lovers all over Singapore for its quality rice at a reasonable price. As one of Singapore’s largest rice importers, SóngHè lives and breathes its brand promise to provide and maintain a stable supply of fresh, good-quality rice, especially during times of crisis.

With that in mind, some years ago SōngHè invested in cold storage facilities, both in Singapore and Thailand, the country of origin of SóngHè rice, in order to store rice so it retains its freshness before distribution to retail outlets.

Recently, when the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level was raised to Orange, Singaporeans started panic buying and stockpiling rice. To reassure the community that SóngHè had enough rice for everyone, the rice importer mobilised its delivery teams to all retail outlets, even on Sunday.

Since 2004, SōngHè has constantly cultivated its brand DNA ‘Good man, Good deeds, Good rice’, initiating many heart-warming campaigns that instil Love and Compassion into our hearts. Starting out with the orange paper cranes, the symbol of goodness, in which SóngHè donated 100 grams of rice to designated beneficiaries for every mission accomplished, it has since been involved in many other campaigns to encourage good deeds and spread kindness. Therefore, it was hardly surprising when the company was approached earlier this year by Lianhe Zaobao, the main Chinese media in Singapore, to sponsor a ten-part series to document good deeds among the community during the COVID-19 crisis.


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SongHe awarded as an Influential Brand 2019



A timely response to market demand and supply challenges allows Tong Seng Produce to maintain steady food supply for retailers and food enterprises

Like that friendly neighbor who is always on hand with an emergency cup of dry rice, Tong Seng Produce has been working hard since 1990 to ensure Singapore’s hawker stands, restaurants, supermarkets, and household pantries are well stocked with cooking staples. Specialists in rice, cooking oil, flour, and sugar, Tong Seng focuses on sourcing and transporting only the finest quality produce and making the path to purchase as uncomplicated as possible.

Directed by the inspiring corporate mantra of “Enjoy Rice with Peace of Mind,” health is one of the key passions guiding Tong Seng business practices. Today, its SongHe rice brand is amongst the most trusted in Singapore, and all their fumigation-free rice is sourced from pristine agricultural locales across Asia. The company also pioneered Singapore’s first and only chilled warehouses, which feature an innovative low-controlled temperature system that ensures produce stays as fresh as it was when it first left the farm.

The own-brand SongHe Whole Grain Rice Series consists of five robust wholegrain varieties: Noble Berry, Jasmine Brown Rice, Brown Rice, Red Rice, and 80 per cent Fragrant with 20 per cent Red Rice. With the wholesome range a fast-growing success in the marketplace, Tong Seng is confident that its commitment to building a healthier community in Singapore is the only way forward.

This Singaporean food industry innovator is also constantly looking ahead and anticipating future trends that not only meet the evolving needs of the market, but also ensure the mechanisms of the company move as efficiently as possible. This means not being afraid to investigate, invest in, and integrate new technologies as they arise. To satisfy the demands for convenience of their corporate customers, orders can now be placed through a variety of online platforms. Internal production systems are also constantly being assessed and upgraded to improve productivity and traceability–accompanied by up-skilling programs to ensure valued long-time staff are not left behind.

Rice is an intrinsic part of the Singaporean way of life. By ensuring only pre-eminent foodstuffs make their way into Singaporean stomachs, Tong Seng Produce seeks to play its part in sustaining the culture of eating that surrounds this humble white grain. And with such a high level of care, it is guaranteed to remain as much in the hearts and minds of future generations as it is for Singaporeans today.

Tong Seng Produce Pte Ltd

For Editorial write up: https://brandzasia.com/a-reliable-channel/
For Editorial on e-copy of Magazine Page 27  https://issuu.com/brand_asia/docs/jan2020_edition/1?ff
Under Rice Category https://influentialbrands.com/2019-awardees/
Find Director Mr Jerry Ng’s testimonial on SongHe https://influentialbrands.com/brand-profiles/

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Give the Gift of Good Health & Harmony


A bountiful rice harvest traditionally signifies Heaven’s blessings upon her people. A good yield brings forth wealth, stability and harmony to the farmers and their family.

To this day, rice continues to be an integral part of our daily lives and festive celebrations; the most important of all, the Chinese New Year reunion dinner. Familial love and bonds are strengthened over bowls of piping hot rice and perennial favourite dishes amidst catch-ups and laughter.

This season, wish your family and friends good health and harmony with our premium gift set, which consists of our very popular mixed SongHe Fragrant Rice and SongHe Noble Red Rice, plus a bottle of Tsuru Sunflower Oil.

Place your order for these SongHe Gift Sets by calling 6756 6128 to kickstart your festive shopping today!

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SongHe 30th Anniversary Grand Draw


SongHe celebrates 30 years of serving Earth’s Harvest on your table.

Join our celebration to win a harvest of good fortune in SongHe’s 30th Anniversary Grand Draw! You get a chance to win a Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon or a 1kg Gold Bar or a pair of precious Rolex Watches. To participate, just purchase ANY SongHe Rice pack, attachd the cut-out barcode from the rice packaging and send to
33 Senoko South Road S(758085).

Participation period: 15 November 2019 – 8 February 2020.
Draw Date:  18 Feb 2020.
Results will be published on 25 Feb 2020 on StraitsTimes and LianHe ZaoBao

attachment: Grand Draw Entry Form (front and back) For Download

Terms and Conditions from Mercedes-Benz Cycle and Carriage as of below:

  • The Grand Prize will be a Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon  (Colour: 859 Mojave Siliver

The Grand Prize includes :

  1. a)the prevailing Goods and Services Tax
  2. b)Additional Registration Fee( ARF)
  3. c)Import Duty
  4. d)Vehicles Emission Scheme (VES)
  5. e)1 Year Road Tax
  6. f)Registration Fee
  7. g)Number Plate
  8. h)Standard Equipment for the Vehicle prevailing at the time of import,
  9. i)Warranty for 3 years or 100,000km (whichever is earlier)

The Grand Prize excludes :

  1. a)Insurance
  2. b)Certificate of Entitlement (COE)

All the above fees shall be borne by the Winner.

Winner will need to liaise with Cycle & Carriage Industries (CCI) for registration of the Car.

Winner of the Mercedes-Benz shall have up to 8 weeks from the Draw Date to register and take delivery of the  Vehicle (the “Registration Deadline).  The colour of the car awarded is at the sole discretion of Tong Seng Produce Pte Ltd. No change of car model or colour is allowed. Specifications may vary from vehicle featured.

The Grand Prize will only be transferred to the name of the Winner as confirmed by Tong Seng Produce Pte Ltd. Tong Seng Produce Pte Ltd is not obliged to transfer the Grand Prize in the name of any other.

Other terms and conditions by CCI apply.

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Healthier Rice, Healthier Community


Time to eat healthy with lower pricing!

SongHe brand brown rice series: Noble brown, Noble red, Jasmine brown, Rice berry & Mixed fragrant + Noble red are having grand sales in September island wide starting today.

Please feel free to visit supermarket retailers such as Sheng Siong, Giant, Cold Storage, Prime, Good Luck, U Stars & Fortune OR online platforms: Redmart, Amazon, Qoo10, etc

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Proud to Announce: SongHe Awarded Trusted Brands 2019 Gold Award in Rice Category


SongHe is voted as Trusted Brands 2019 gold award winner in rice category.
This is our proud that we have won the trusted brand award for the TEN consecutive year since 2010.
“SongHe is offering Singapore’s finest quality rice and products with the first and only chilled warehouse facility in Singapore market” by Reader’s Digest

Below is the relevant link to the winner of Trusted Brand 2019 Gold award in rice category

URL: http://rdasiatrustedbrands.com/2019/singapore/showcase/songhe.asp

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Hitomebore rice available now


Tong Seng Produce Pte Ltd, one of the biggest rice importers in Singapore. has imported Japan Ishinomaki Hitomebore Rice to Singapore. Now you can get them from the selected Fairprice Supermarkets near your neighbourhood. For more information, please visit our website at www.tspsonghe.com.sg

Hitomebore rice– literally known as “Love at First Sight” rice. Like its Japanese name suggests, the Hitomebore Rice is one that make you fall in love with it at your first bite.

To cultivate such a premium rice, temperature, soil, sun and water are all crucial factors. Located in the northern part of the Miyagi Prefecture, Ishinomaki boasts a serene landscape of lush paddy rice fields and surrounding majestic mountains with two first class rivers, the Kitagami River and Naruse River, running through it, enriching its soils.

This rice is well received by many because of its shiny texture, rich fragrance and level of stickiness. It not only pairs well with savoury stir-fry dishes, also highly recommended for sushi making. In fact, more and more people start to appreciate plain good rice which contribute to the increasing popularity of Japanese Rice.

To have a bowl of good rice, the growing environment, the milling process and even the packaging process are all essential. To ensure freshness and preserve the flavour and nutrients of every grain, each packet is filled with nitrogen gas before it is being sealed completely.

Ishinomaki Hitomebore Rice is now available at selected FairPrice Outlets. Try it out and fall in love with it.

For enquiry, call 67566128

Email : tspltd@tspsonghe.com.sg

Website : www.tspsonghe.com.sg

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Member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)


The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is a not-for-profit organisation that brings together stakeholders from 7 sectors of the palm oil industry, to establish and apply global standards for the production of sustainable palm oil. RSPO encourages members to adhere and implement the criteria set up to help minimise the negative impact of palm oil cultivation on the environment and palm oil producing regions.

Tong Seng Produce Pte Ltd has pledged its commitment to sustainable palm oil and zero deforestation, ensuring that palm oil imported are certified sustainable, recognizing the social and environmental importance of supporting the production of sustainable palm oil.

As a member of both RSPO and SASPO (Southeast Asia Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil), Tong Seng Produce Pte Ltd takes pride in its significant commitment to import palm oil products that are endorsed by the RSPO.

Below is the relevant link to the membership of RSPO:

URL: https://rspo.org/members/7874/TONG-SENG-PRODUCE-PTE-LTD

Joyful Reunion Gift Box


In this coming New Year 2019, Tong Seng Produce has specially
launched a New Year Gift Pack – Joyful Reunion Gift Box to provide its
consumers with a good gift option during this festive season. Each Joyful
Reunion Gift Box comes in a specially designed gift box and contains
1kg SongHe Noble Jasmine Brown rice & 500ml Tsuru Canola oil.

The Joyful Reunion Gift Box is the pioneer in its industry as a brown
rice-themed New Year gift pack and has received overwhelming positive
response from companies who are eager to pass on the health’s
awareness to their business partners and employees. As the saying
goes, a gift may be light but the sentiments heavy. We can look to gifts
that are simple, health-conscious and practical during this festive season.

The Joyful Reunion Gift Box is just newly launched and is currently
available at appointed retail outlets. Each gift box is priced at $5.90.
Corporate orders are welcome. Free delivery for orders of 30 boxes and
above. Delivery charge of $10 will be applied for orders below 30 boxes.

Do feel free to contact TSP hotline 6756 6128 for more info and inquiries.

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